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Three ways to configure WinRM listeners. January 26, 2011

Configure WinRM Listeners through Quick Configure.

1.      Configuration HTTP listener and other actions to enable this machine for remote management:

winrm qc

2.      Configuration HTTPS listener and other actions to enable this machine for remote management:

winrm qc –transport:https

Note: this command requires a valid server authentication certificate present in machine MY store.

Configure WinRM HTTP listener through Group Policy.

1.      Launch Group Policy Management on Windows Server 2008 Domain Controller machine.

2.      Create a new Starter GPO.

a.      Right click “Starter GPOs” and click “New” and give a name (for example “turn on winrm http listener”) and comment if needed.

b.      Right click the created Starter GPO and click “Edit”. A window “Group Policy Starter GPO Editor” pops up.

c.      Browse the tree on left pane of “Group Policy Starter GPO Editor” to “Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Remote Management (WinRM) \ WinRM Service”

d.      Double click the policy setting “Allow automatic configuration of listeners”. A window “Allow automatic configuration of listeners” will show up.

e.      Check “Enabled” button. In the options field, put filter for IPv4 and IPv6. For example, fill “*” in both IPv4 and IPv6 text boxes and click OK.

f.       Close the “Group Policy Starter GPO Editor”.

g.      Click setting tab in the right pane of “Group Policy Management” and refresh the setting. You setting will show up in the right pane.

3.      Create a new Group Policy Object.

a.      Right click “Group Policy Objects” and click “New”.

b.      Give a name to the GPO and select the Starter GPO created in step 2.

c.      Click OK.

4.      Link the new Group Policy object to the domain.

a.      Right click your domain name and click “Link an existing GPO.”

b.      In the “select GPO” dialogue, select the GPO created in step 3.

c.      Click OK.

5.      On the client machine in the domain, run “gpupdate /force” or wait the group policy to be deployed to the client machine.

6.      On the client machine, enumerate the WinRM listeners (winrm e winrm/config/listener). A new GPO source listener should be created automatically.

Configure WinRM HTTP listener without quick configure and Group Policy.

1.      Create an instance of HTTP Listener on all IPs:

winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTP

2.      Create instance of HTTPS Listener on all IPs:

winrm create winrm/config/Listener?Address=*+Transport=HTTPS @{Hostname=”HOST”;CertificateThumbprint=”XXXXXXXXXX”}

Note: XXXXXXXXXX represents a 40-digit hex string; see help config.

For more on Configuration for WinRM.


2 Responses to “Three ways to configure WinRM listeners.”

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  2. Does the group policy change set a firewall exception in the same way that winrm qc does?

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