Microsoft Windows Experts

You may not be able to connect to published RemoteApp when connecting via RD Web through RD Gateway. November 2, 2011

When you try to open a Remote App via RD Gateway, you may get the following errors:

“You may not be able to connect to your remote apps when connecting remote apps on RD Web through RD Gateway.”

or “The logon attempt failed”.

While the default logon page for RD Web Access indicates “Domain\user name” for the user name field, using only the user name works fine. However, this works fine as long as your not using RD Gateway and Single Sign-On, then the either of the above error messages will occur when trying to start a RemoteApp.

The catch is when RD Gateway and Single Sign-On are being used, you must supply the domain as part of the user name (domain\user name), else the SSO-feature will break.